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Great sale at Joann's

I had to take a trip today for a doctor's appointment. No fun- I don't like doctors, even for checkups. But once I got that out of the way, I did have the opportunity to shop some stores we don't have in my town, one of them being JOANN's. They are having a great sale on fabric and related items. Notions are 50% off and remants are 50% off. I scored a couple of remnants. AND, McCalls patterns for 99 cent. Yes, 99 cent- patterns that are up to 18.95 for 99 cents!!! I picked up several. There's still a couple days left, so if you are near a Joann's, RUN! (A.C. Moore also has styrofoams balls and eggs for 50% off. Stocked up on a few of those there too. )

Here are a few of the patterns I picked up:




Has anyone used any of these patterns before? Have any tips?

I'll let you know what I make and how it works out. (Someday, be patient.)

I know that some of the things I bought patterns for, like the yo yo projects and some scarves, I could get for free off the internet. And while some of you write some great tutorials, I'm old school and like to have something in print in my hands. Like magazines for instance- I think there's something more satisfying about having it in my hands to look at again and again vs online. I do subscribe to a couple of online magazines, but it's just not the same. What about you? Do you like having printed instructions/ magazines or do you just haul a laptop over to your craft table and follow along from the net?