Friday, October 1, 2010

Halloween candy cake

It's October 1! That means 30 days 'til Halloween! We have so much fun with Halloween here.

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Here's a great conversation piece for your Halloween functions and parties:

I wish a I had a better picture but I made this years ago before I ever thought about blogging. Here's a quick how to:

The base is a cardboard hat box lid. Turn boxes upside down and stack them from largest to smallest, however many layers you want. This one just has two. You could paint them first I suppose it you don't want the cardboard peeking through. I'm not sure how that would affect the ability to stick the candy on. I attached the candies with double sided tape. After I had all of my candy on, I went back and attached toy eyeballs, bats, spiders, hand, etc. So much fun.

Thanks for looking. I'll be linking up to the great parties listed on the side.


  1. it is so strange to eat it ))) But Halloween is the strange too))) In any way the cake is nice? beautiful? yummi? - what? I don't know the right word in English to leave a right comment))) hi-hi

  2. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing it.

  3. how fun! great for halloween!


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