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Friday feature

June 23 is listed as National Pink Day. It's origins are unknown. Pink was my favorite color as a child. This bit of info prompted me to feature pink things on etsy. The links at the bottom will take you to the seller's flickr account and from there you can find links to their shops in their profiles. You'll then find these or similar items.

(Sorry for the indirect feature of sellers this week and not sending you straight to them, I didn't have time to contact individuals. Flickr mosaics are fun and a quick way to feature several things.)

1. brown tree top on pink, 2. Pink Doublet Fused Glass Pendant, 3. Pink & Silver Butterfly Pendant, 4. pink flowers in the black vase, 5. Pink & Brown Happy Birthday, 6. Pink Roses and Linen Tote/Wristlet Set