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Altered Paint Can

I love to "alter" things with my papers and scrap supplies. This week I have been working on an altered paint can that will be filled with goodies for a baby shower gift.

Here's a quick tutorial for doing this with scrapbook paper.

Supplies: Gallon paint can (clean and empty)

2 sheets coordinating 12x12 patterned scrapbook paper.

Adhesive (Decoupage medium or a xyron)

Ribbon, stickers, embellishments

1 inch circle punch

1. Cut your paper 10.5 in in length and whatever width you desire. My top piece is 4 in. and the bottom is 3.75. Cutting them the same length will allow your seams to match on each side. This length allows for a slight overlap but you can still line up the seams.

2. In order to cut around the handles on each side, use a circle punch and cut out half of a circle. Measure down from the top of the can to find the appropriate place.

3. Apply decoupage medium or run pieces of paper through xyron. Adhere to can. Also cut a circle for the top and adhere. I used a template. Do an Internet search for gallon paint can template and you will find one.

4. Add ribbon, stickers, and embellishments to can as desired.

5. I put pony beads on the handles. Tie ribbon and raffia to each side where the handle meets the can.