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Burlap wrapped brooch embellished vase

I mentioned on Monday that I have a stash of burlap that I need to work on. I put a very small dent in the stash by embellishing this clear glass vase. This is a really simple project, one I pinned from Uncommon Designs.  All you need besides a hot glue gun and your embellishments are the vase and the burlap. I used a piece of burlap ribbon I purchased at Michael's last year.

Don't skip the folding and ironing step in their tutorial. It really does make a nicer more finished edge. Just make sure you fold evenly....ask me how I know. I must be the only person on earth that can take a 5-10 minute project and make it a 30 minute project.  

I decided to put my own spin on this and embellish my vase with an old rhinestone brooch I have in my jewelry-making stash. I just pinned it on. I can change it out seasonally if I want. I think a little bright bling is perfect for the upcoming spring.

I'm over winter and ready to freshen up for spring. I've put out a few spring touches. You can see a peek of my butterfly specimen art there too.

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