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Bird cage makeover with spray paint

I have an affection for birdcages in home decor. I was super excited when I found this gem at my local Salvation Army thrift store. Not much to look at in it's original state- gold and gawdy. I know gold is becoming popular again, but this wasn't pretty. See below.

As most things from the thrift store, it was also dirty. My hands got dirty every time I handled it. And it must have been a Christmas decoration in it's earlier life. Just look at those tacky red and green acrylic gems.
As much as I've wanted to use birdcages in my decor, it took me around a year or two to get around to doing something with it. So last weekend I gathered an old toothbrush to clean it with (gets in all those grooves) and a screw driver to pry off those lovely gems and got busy. Most of them popped right off. Many of them were not centered in their holders anyway. For the ones that wouldn't budge, I melted them off with my Heat it craft tool. BEST idea I've had in a long time. I didn't even have to go get the hubby to help. Thought of that all on my own!
Three coats of Krylon oil rubbed bronze, later and here's my new beauty.
Here's a sneek peak of how I'm using this in my current decor. Come back later for full details.
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