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WIWW- Multi color maxi skirt

I thought it would be fun to do WIWW posts here again. (I know - I can't make up my mind- I do them here then I don't, just bear with me.)  I probably won't do a whole weekly round up of what I've been wearing but I'll pick a recent outfit or two to show you. I do still try to post over at my outfit blog (I'd hardly call it a fashion blog) but I've not been able to keep it up the way I want to. 

I love maxi skirts and invested in a new one for this year. It's quite colorful and I don't think I'll run out of options for tops any time soon.

Skirt- Belk's; top- JCPenney;
cardigan shrug- Sear's; necklace/earrings- Sear's;
sandals- Target (last year)
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