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Fabulous Friday Find- PicMonkey

Some of you will read this and think, "What rock has she been hiding under? PicMonkey is not new?" But for me is it. I usually add text and such to my photos in photoshop elements and I don't intend to stop, but I have limited time for learning things and have struggled with collages, so PicMonkey is an exciting find for me. Or maybe I should say finding out how easy it is to use is a fabulous find ('cause I have heard of PicMonkey before, I just ignored it.)

Last night I edited the collage from my Mother's Day round up post.

I started with this:

 It wasn't horrible, but the text was hard to read and it was just too busy. It wasn't going to get much attention.

Now, with the help of PicMonkey, I have this:

Much better!

So if you've been wondering where everyone is getting those cool text banners, labels, and overlays, head over to PicMonkey and make your own! It's easy and FREE!

Need some more encouragement? Check out this tutorial at The Patriotic Pam. This was the first fabulous find this week that lead me to try out PicMonkey.