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Framed clovers

Remember my $7 St. Patrick's Day wreath from last week? And remember how I said I had leftovers? Here is another project from that $7 batch of supplies- framed clover art.
I took the leftover foam clovers and started laying them out on my work table, alternating glitter clovers and plain ones. When I had nine of them laid out, I realized they would fit perfectly on a sheet of 12x12 scrapbook paper. So I grabbed a sheet of green paper and my glue gun. Then I ran off to Michael's (well not literally- it was a day or two later) and picked up a 12x12 frame that was 40% off, making this investment less than $7. I can swap out the art by season- I'm already picturing the next batch of seasonal foamies from the Dollar Tree in here!

The pack of $1 foam clovers had 12 in it- two are on the wreath, nine here. Where is the 12th one? Stay tuned! Yet another project!
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