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WIWW- Leopard and chambray

Shirt- Old Navy; skirt- Loft
shoes- Belks;
necklace- Apple of My Eye via Groopdealz
Worn Oct. 27, 2013

They say every woman needs a chambray shirt in her closet. I beg to differ. I like them and I like this one, but I've had it for a year or longer and I have only worn it once or twice before. My goal is to wear it more but it is far from being essential for me. Same goes for a plain white button down. I have one and don't wear it all that often. What "must have essentials" are not really essential for you?

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  1. I LOVE your skirt! And, you styled it so cute too.

    I actually told people to go a buy a chambray shirt in my WIWW post today. lol. I did show lots of ways to wear it though, so maybe you can get some ideas. Come on by!


  2. I love my chambray shirt, but I have a more casual lifestyle not professional. How did you lose weight? you look great!

    1. Having to wear professional attire 5 days a week is one of the reasons I don't get much wear out of this shirt. I lost weight by doing the Whole30 back in February and then we stuck with the dietary changes for my husband's health issues. I too feel so much better now. We follow about a 90% paleo/primal diet.

  3. Oh, I wear my chambray all the time - and funny enough, I have it on as I type this!! Loving this combo on you! :)


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