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Friday Feature

Associated with Thanksgiving and the harvest, a cornucopia is a symbol of abundance. According to Wikipedia " In Greek mythology, Amalthea was a goat who raised Zeus on her breast milk. When her horn was accidentally broken off by Zeus while playing together, this changed Amalthea into a unicorn with 17 whiskers. The god Zeus, in remorse, gave her back her horn. The horn then had supernatural powers which would give person in possession of it whatever he or she wished for. This gave rise to the legend of the cornucopia. The original depictions were of the goat's horn filled with fruits and flowers: deities, especially Fortuna, was depicted with the horn of plenty."

Here are some cornucopias I found at etsy.

Fall Cornucopia by bloomingcouture

Hand painted sign by schoolstreetprimitiv

Felt hair clips by ajoyfulbabybowtique

Suncatcher window cling by hartswindowarts