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Potted planted severed hands

Today I'm sharing our take on potted severed Halloween hands. This outdoor Halloween decor was inspired by another project I found a couple of years ago. We made ours last year and put them in the place of my plants that are usually by the front door, along with the spooky potted trees.

I ran out of time for posting these last year and I'm about to do the same this year. I'm off my normal posting schedule this week because we've been on vacation. But we are back and Halloween is on!
I decided to take things a step further than the zombie hands project. I bought some hands and severed fingers from the Dollar Tree and then took acrylic paint and painted them to look like bloody, rotted, decaying flesh. I also attached some small pieces of spooky cloth with glue. The hubby attached some dowel rods to them for planting so they would stick up further out of the pots.

  These were a fun project to do .

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