Thursday, July 7, 2011

Winner of Sweet Floweret giveaway and apology

The winner of the scripture key fob is Heather Nash! Congrats and thanks for entering.

To the rest of my readers, I apologize. First of all, when I posted this giveaway in the sidebar, I forgot to change the end date from the previous giveaway. You may have thought it was already over. My fault. My apologies to you and to Tina.

Secondly, if you clicked over to visit the Sweet Floweret blog, then you saw that she has decided to take a summer vacation and posted this the day after her feature was posted. So, you may have been thinking, why follow someone who isn't going to post? and you may have been skeptical to enter the giveaway thinking maybe she wouldn't follow through. I  can't blame you. I might have thought the same. I'm apologizing because I want to bring you credible giveaways and features. I'm not saying she's not following through, as she is still running her shop. I just think this was a little untimely. Had I known she would go on vacation from the blog, I'd have posted her feature some other time. I'm not criticizing her vacation either. I totally support a break and refocusing. Blogging should not take time away from the Lord and family. They should always be first. I just want to my readers to know that I'm cognizant of any skepticism you may have had and I hope you return in the future for great Friday features with discounts and giveaways.

Please feel free to share your thoughts on situations like this as well.