Sunday, July 31, 2011

Loft feather brooch knock off

A couple of weeks ago I went into a Loft store for the very first time ever. As with their online inventory, I found much of their stuff out of my price range. However, I did find great inspiration for some projects.

One of them was this feather brooch.  I fell in love but not with the $18.50, so I went to Michael's and purchased some feathers  (or plumes as they are labeled on the bag). I already had felt, pin backs, and jewels at home. Even if I had to buy everything, I could probably get all the supplies for $12-$15 and make numerous brooches. At this point, I've made four.

Here's my first try:

It's rather large and wispy. I started out using fabric glue, but didn't like the results when it dried. Some of the extra glue ran out from under the jewel and it's just too slow to dry. When it did dry, the extra glue made the feathers look wet so I covered that with another layer of feathers. The outer layer is the feathers as is, I trimmed the feathers for the inner layer.

I switched to hot glue for the next one and used smaller feathers. It's still pretty large- five inches in diameter.

I tried a smaller version. I trimmed off the fluffy part of the feathers and just used the very ends.

I also purchased a bag of colored plumes, so I pulled out some turquoise colored ones and mixed them with the pheasant feathers.

I think it may be my favorite. Which one do you like?

I've also started listing these in my shop.  And I'm not charging $18.50. So if you want to save yourself some cash, and a mess (feathers are messy to work with- the hubby thought I murdered a bird in my craft room) check out my listings.

You can find other brooches I've made HERE, HERE, and HERE.
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  1. Cool knockoff! Even cooler that you were able to make it so cheaply :D All your brooches look gorgeous!

  2. I have been wanting to do something very similair. Wow! Yours look great!!

  3. These are very, very pretty! My favs are the 2nd and 4th.


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