Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Here goes my second attempt at What I Wore Wednesday. It's very hard to get photos of myself due to time constraints and such.

Thursday- work is all business for me
Worthington suit- JCPenney; lace tshirt; shoes- Target; necklace- my anthro knockoff

I didn't get this photo until I got home that afternoon and the hubby needed my help with a repair project; I had to hurry so I could change.

Friday- (took these photos when I got to work with the camera phone, sorry about quality and my atttempt to blur out the background)
Worthington pin stripe suit; button up blouse (brand?) JCPenney
Here's a closer look at that blouse:

I love the green cirles. BTW, do you mix patterns- circle and pinstripes?

The earrings- circles

Yep, all about the circles that day!

Saturday - appointment with hairstylist
skirt- Chaus- Goodwill- $4.00; black tshirt (Walmart); sandals- Old Navy

Sunday- church
dress Cato; shoes- Target

Another view of Sunday- I love those wedge shoes!

Monday- work
pants- Belk; sleeveless blouse- Belk (clearance); cardigan- Old Navy (clearance); shoes- Payless; accessories- black pearls and faux black pearls- gifts;
Love these colors together but I think this makes me look chunky

Tuesday- work
Blazer- Cato; shirt- Sears Covington- clearance ($4.00); pants- JCPenney- Worthington

Whew! Almost a week's worth. It's amazing what you learn about how you look when you take photos of yourself.


  1. Great suit! I ESPECIALLY love the anthro knockoff necklace!! It looks great!

  2. You look so lovely and smart in every picture! :) I love mixing patterns (my guilty pattern-mixing pleasure is leopard print and plaid!)

  3. I dont think I ever looked so put together and chic when I worked! That yellow shirt with your suit is the perfect pop of color (and that pink skirt it adorable) :)

    p.s I love your music playlist!


Thanks for your kind words! I love hearing from you.