Monday, July 4, 2011

Must Do Monday- Scarves- 7 DIY tutorials

I love scarves. I always have but I didn't have the confidence to wear them when I was younger. Girls just didn't wear them where I 'm from when I was in school and I always worried about how they looked on me. I grew up and got over that! I love wearing them now, winter or summer, casual or dress. There are a ton of diy tutorials out there to make your own. Here are a few on my list to try:

7. Infinity and ruffle tshirt scarves by diydish

Some of these are perfect for spring and summer, and if I start now I can have the others ready for fall!

Do you wear scarves? All year or just winter? Leave me a comment and let me know.

If one of these is your tutorial, grab a button:



  1. THANK YOU!! Love this collection of scarves.

  2. thank you!!! i think we are going to try tea rose home's fat quarter scarf - so pretty!



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