Monday, December 20, 2010

CHRISTmas tree

The hustle and bustle really has kicked in. It's been two weeks since I shared anything here. The tree has been completed for about a week and a half but I just haven't had time to post. I'm sure you understand.

I used to put up multiple trees but due to space and a fur baby, I've only done one the past two years. I've chose to do the butterfly tree. I have a collection of butterfly ornaments. I added in berry sprays, poinsettia garland, and ribbon. Here it is:

The tree was up for a few days with no topper. I just don't have a suitable topper. But then I took my mother on a weekend trip for her 70th birthday (yes, we actually have four family birthdays in December amongst the Christmas rush). I bought some butterfly sprays and really intended to work them into the tree. Then it hit me- I could arrange them on top. It would really look better with some other sprays worked in, but it will do for this year. Maybe I'll hit the Michael's clearance after Christmas.

Thanks for looking. Hope you have a great week and Blessed Christmas.

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