Saturday, December 4, 2010

CHRISTmas centerpiece

I was inspired a couple of months ago by this fall centerpiece in a tray.  I knew then that I wanted to do one for Christmas. I have some tin buckets I bought a few years ago on clearance that I intended to use for gift baskets. Somehow that hasn't happened yet. Only one was used for a Valentine gift. I'm glad now that I still have them and didn't use them.

I began searching the thrift and discount stores for a tray. I couldn't find one. But I did find this glass tray at Ross Thursday night and decided it would work. It was $14.99 and in my opinion worth is because I can use it in three locations around the house and for multiple holidays. (I'm thinking ahead to easter and to filling it with grass and eggs.)

The gold table runner is from Big Lots for $5. I'm thinking of adding some length to it by adding ruffles of some plaid red and green Christmas material with a gold accent that I got at a thrift store a while back, but that may have to go on next year's list because time is short this year.

Here are the buckets:

Now, moving on to the finished project. For the tray, I got a strand of berry and leaf garland ( on sale at Michael's), berry sprays, some packages of gold and silver raffia components from Michael's (they are near the dried florals and labeled dried components), gold ornaments out of the attic that haven't been used in a few years, sand and glass gems from Michael's, a candle from Michael's and two unused ones from the closet.  I also got some votives on sale at Michael's to complete the tablescape.

Here is the finished centerpiece:

And the whole tablescape:

I love it and took lots of photos of it. I could just sit and watch those candles glow all day!

I had some decorative glass pieces left over and tossed them around this hurricane on my morning room pub table.

Thanks for looking. I'll be linking up to lots of parties.


  1. Fonda? very nice decorating of your home1 Sorry, we have not whatever like this here in Russia. The holiday spirit comes slowly to us... I wish I was there. May be then my mood would be better)...


Thanks for your kind words! I love hearing from you.