Sunday, December 30, 2012

Least viewed of 2012

Yesterday I shared my top 10 posts of 2012, according to stats on views. Today I'm sharing 10 of my least viewed, not necessarily the absolute lowest 10, and in no particular order, just 10 that caught my eye when I was scrolling through the view count.


It's interesting to see what people view and don't view. Even though these projects didn't get high views, some of them are my favorites. I wear the earrings often and make the granola bars regularly now.
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  1. These are such cute projects! I especially love that washi tape candle holder. :)

  2. This was a clever idea. There are so many times I think that a certain post will be a "hit" amongst viewers and it barely gets any attention but then other projects that I give a second-thought get all the clicks. :)

  3. I totally agree with Jess's comment. Visitors can be so unpredictable. Some of my most viewed porjects were ones that I didn't even particulary care for (you know the ones you regret that you ever posted in the first place!) and then a few that I absolutely loved and thought would be a hit weren't! Your spider web pumpkin and chevron candles were adorable. Love!

  4. I agree with both of you. It can go the exact opposite of what you expect. It's all still fun to me. Thanks for your comments.

  5. I thought the spider web pumpkin and those dotty earrings are really cute as is the washi tape card what makes us read one post over another is beyond me
    Thanks for sharing


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