Thursday, January 20, 2011

One step at a time - organized desk

Remember my "non" resolution to declutter and organize the house this year? We've been moving full steam ahead and after the hall closets and pantry, I really went to work on my desk and craft room. Here is the shameful before (I can't believe I'm posting this)

The first step in conquering this mess was to purge the filing cabinet of all the things that could be shredded. This took most of a week working 15- 30 minutes at a time. This had to be done in order to have somewhere to put all those other papers that needed to be filed. Once all that was done the desk was tackled. Everything was removed and sorted into stacks according to where it needed to go- stay here or return to another room. The biggest helper was to set up the desktop file box:

This was inspired by House of Hepworths post HERE. I thought this was a great idea. You see the little organizer in front of it? Well, that's what I was using and IT AIN'T BIG ENOUGH! So the other box is perfect. I can file bills, receipts, coupons, pending rebates and claims, and I made a folder to things I want to add to my scrapbook (we'll see how often that folder gets purged).  The smaller holder holds miscelleaneous things and notebooks that I get to put to do lists on and ideas.

I even went all out and put some photos in that box! It's been sitting here over a year with no photos in it.. work in progress, work in progress...

Okay, so here is the finale....

Feels so much nicer to sit here now! Maybe it's time for something to go on the wall over this space...?

Thanks for looking- I'll be linking up to the parties on the side!


  1. Well done you! De-clutterng can be so rewarding (and such hard work) keep it up! x Leigh x

  2. I envy you in your organizing campaign! I need to do a lot of organizing but I need some time to be able to do that!
    Thanks for your visit!!


  3. Wow, that looks great. I love an organized desk with space to work. Thanks for linking to We're Organized Wednesday.


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