Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ribbon necklace

Last week I saw Becca's post on Blue Cricket Designs about how to make a ribbon necklace. I had been wanting to find a tutorial for those and was so excited that she posted one. Michael's also had ribbon and beads on sale , so I headed right over, got some stuff, and made myself two necklaces this weekend. I decided to try and put my on spin on it and wanted to use more than three beads and also used clear faceted ones instead of wooden beads. So for the first one, I cut my ribbon a little longer than a yard- I added about 14 inches. I originally wanted the necklace to tie but I didn't quite add enough length for that. So I ended up folding my ribbon over a jump ring and tying a knot. I started with a bead and then began braiding. The ends of ribbon that were left after tying the knot blended into the braid and what didn't got smoothed down with a little glue on the back. I continued braiding and adding beads until I got to the end and then finished the same way I started. I then added a springring clasp. Here is my version:

I also made a second one exactly like the tutorial, but my ribbon is skinnier and the braid is tighter.

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  1. Love this craft, very elegant yet simple to make.

  2. What a gorgeous necklace! Wow, I love it! I'd like to try something like this too. ~Billie Monster


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