Wednesday, September 28, 2011

WIWW- Scarf as a necklace

Happy Wednesday!
First let me announce that I have started a fashion/style blog, Savvy Southern Style. You can see more outfits there. I like to chatter about the details of an outfit so much that a week long review of everything in one post gets to be a bit too much. And I'd like to keep this blog mostly about crafting, so I started another one to journal my outfits. Please check it out.

Blazer, pants, silk tee- Worthington separates, JCPenney;
shoes (similar)

I wanted to accessorize this suit with something a little different than what I normally wear, so I tried a scarf as a necklace. It's hard to see in these photos due to the poor lighting I was working with but the scarf has blacks, browns, cream and grey colors in it. It is a narrow rectangle shape scarf. ( My shirt is dark grey too, it looks a little purple here.)

To make  a scarf into a necklace, simply twist your scarf a little and tie a knot in the middle. Then tie a knot on either side. Tie the ends together behind your neck. Attach a brooch to your center knot if you like. Instant necklace! And it's still a scarf when you want to wear it as a scarf.

Here's a better shot of the scarf:

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  1. Very cute idea! I recently scored some vintage scarves at a yard sale and not being a scarf person, I was trying to figure out how to wear them I know! Thanks for the inspiration!


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