Thursday, September 1, 2011

Tried it out Thursday- Package bows

I used some handmade flowers as package bows on a wedding gift recently.

I followed THIS tutorial, but cut the center stems very short. I also used brads in the center of some so they would lay flatter.

I used the paper that stores wrap your breakables in. Not sure what to call it- it's heavier than tissue paper but still pretty soft. I had saved some from previous shopping trips.

These were quick and easy but turned out very elegant.

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  1. Super cute! Pinning so that I remember to actual try it sometime ;)

    -MJ @ MD School Mrs

  2. These are gorgeous. I am trying to buy less commercial wrapping stuff and make more of it. Love this idea!

  3. Very pretty. I love recycling things like this. Great idea.


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