Sunday, November 28, 2010

DIY Lighted Christmas floral arrangement

We started dragging out the Christmas decorations today. We worked on the outside but I have yet to begin inside. I took some of the indoor stuff and decided to share this because it was fairly easy and inexpensive to make. I made this about ten years ago. This photo is about two years old, but I think this still looks great. I've stored it carefully through the years. Some of my other stuff has not faired so well and went into the trash today.

Ten years ago, I found myself without any Christmas decorations to my name because I had gotten divorced earlier that year. Getting decorations was not on my mind, getting the heck out was all that mattered.  I also did not have the funds to buy a lot of expensive decorations because I had just moved into my own place and had a very small income. I had seen these lighted floral arrangements at a craft fair and decided this would look good on my hearth. Thank goodness Christmas lights are cheap and make everything look nice.  I took a basket and placed a floral foam block inside. I inserted poinsettias from a bush (probably purchased at Wal-mart- that's all I had access to back then) and also filler materials from other floral projects. I also added eucalyptus stems on the back. I took pinecones from the yard (FREE!) and painted them silver and gold. I placed these in the basket as well. I wove a small string of lights into the arangement. It's still one of my favorite Christmas decorations.

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