Saturday, September 25, 2010

Thrift store finds

I like searching the thrift shops for great finds. This week I was on a business trip in Hilton Head, SC, and I hit some of their local thrift shops before coming home. It's interesting to see the different types of items in a different area than the one I'm from. At one of the shops I scored a bunch of fabric, some necklaces (for repurposing) and a pair of shredding scissors.

The finds I'm most excited about are 5 yards of silk fabric for 5 bucks!! and the shredding scissors. I have a paper flower project to try with the scissors.

No crafting got done this week but I do have some great finds for future projects. I did squeeze in a project today for a last minute (belated) birthday gift. I'll be posting it shortly.

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  1. Great finds. i also was thrift storing today & will post my finds tomorrow.


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