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$7 Lucky St. Patrick's Day wreath

I mentioned on Monday when I posted my round up of 17 St. Patrick's Day ideas that I never craft or decorate for this holiday, but here are the results of the lure of all those fun shiny things at the Dollar Tree: a wreath for $7 total.
Below are the supplies (all found at Dollar Tree)
vine wreath
garland clover
pack of foam clovers
three stems of flowers (I used three different ones)
Leprichaun hats

This was pretty quick to assemble too. Aren't all my projects? If they aren't quick, I don't have time to do them.
I grabbed the hot glue gun and glued the garland shamrock to the top half of the wreath. I cut the stems from the flowers and arranged them on the bottom until they almost met the shamrock. Then I filled in with a couple of the foam shamrocks. Then I glued (er, melted the hat- be careful with that plastic) to the shamrock.
 This was a lot of fun...and I have supplies left over. So it really cost less than $7. I have ideas for those leftovers too.

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