Sunday, April 8, 2012

P52 - Foolin around

I hope you are having a wonderful Easter! And I hope it's because you know the risen Saviour.

Now that my visiting and celebrating is pretty much over, I'm posting my photo for P52 this week. The theme is foolin around. I knew that I wanted to get a shot of Bella playing for this. She does some of the funniest things when she gets her toy and gets on her back and twists around with it. It was Friday afternoon before I could get some shots. Earlier in the week she would stop playing whenever I picked up the camera. Here are a couple that I liked.


  1. She sure looks like she is having fun.

  2. Animals are so much fun to watch when they're playing and even the positions they get into when they sleep.
    My little Sheltie is camera shy too. He lays his ears back or turns his head when I pick up the camera.


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