Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Halloween table decor

My Halloween dining room table decor was inspired by this Martha Stewart idea. I bought a bag of bones from Michael's and some purple glitter but decided against the glitter once I got it home and placed the bones on my plate. One, I have a limited amount of time and two, I liked them plain. I added some bugs to my plate. It's hard to photograph a cake plate and not get a glare from the flash so bear with me, I took several pictures.


Here's a shot of the whole table. I picked up the mats at Tuesday Morning and the napkins from the Salvation Army Thrift Store- all four for $1!

 I wasn't sure what I was going to do about napkin rings. But then I remembered my vow to use that stash of leftover faceted beads and came up with another use for them.

All I did was cut about a six inch piece of 20 gauge wire. I made a loop at one end, strung on the beads, and finished it off with another loop at the other end. I took four of the spider rings that are going into my treat bags with the candy and cut the rings off. I hot glued them to my bead ring. Then I just wrapped it around the napkin. It's not a closed ring but it still works. I'm thinking this would be cute at Christmas too with red and green beads and maybe two rows instead of one.

That was all super quick and easy. And fairly inexpensive. Thanks for looking. I'll be linking this up to some great link parties. 


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