Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Embellished tshirt

Aside from ruffles, my other new found interest is fabric flowers. I've been surfing blogs checking out all the tutorials for embellished "JCrew" or "Anthropologie" tshirt knock-offs. I found this tutorial here and then this one by Sachiko at Tea Rose Home and I knew this was one of those things I had to try. I got two shirts at Old Navy off the clearance rack ($3-$4!). I combined the two methods in that I made my shirt more like the first design but I made my flowers like Sachiko and sewed them together before I put them on my shirt instead of bunching and sewing as I went. I added one thing- I thought they were kind of plain when I first layed them out on the shirt, so I sewed on three small pearl beads to each flower center before sewing them on my shirt. Here is my take:

Maybe the flowers are not as full as they could have been, but I'm happy with it.

Sorry about the photos. The true color of the shirt is the last one. Someone decided not to use a flash in the first two.

You can see my first tshirt makeover here It has ruffles, of course.

I'm off to share my creation in the following link parties (another new thing I've discovered):

Show and Tell Green

The Girl Creative



  1. Your shirt turned out so pretty!
    The little pearls just add that little something! Love them! And the flowers are perfect, any more fabric and they would have looked toooo bulky. They are so flowy and pretty!
    You did good! Thanks for sharing!

  2. these embellished tshirts are really in style aren't they? i love them! what a great job you did!!


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