Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday Feature- Seeing green

March holds the holiday of St. Patrick's Day. Who is he? March 17 is the date of his death. He was actually born British but captured by the Irish at age 16. He escaped but returned to Ireland as a Christian missionary. Read more here.. Since green is the symbolic color and thought to bring luck when worn on St. Patrick's Day, or pinches when not worn, here are some great etsy "greens."

Luck Of The Irish - Shamrock Clover Necklace by Lunaricsales

Sparkling Emerald Green Glass and Bali Sterling Silver bracelet by beadifuldesigns

Spring Boost Luxurious Lace Handknit Designer Scarf/Wrap, Multicolored Mohair, Green Apple, White and Dark Green perfect for St Patricks Day by FashionTouch

the irish lass hat by beautifulbridget

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