Monday, June 23, 2014

10 Gold Home Decor Projects

The Summer Olympics won't be back until 2016, but that doesn't mean you have to wait to go for the gold. Add some gold to your home decor. Here are ten projects to inspire you.

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Sunbutter energy bites

These energy bites are irresistible! When I make them, more go in my mouth than into the dish. They are the perfect little pick me up and touch of sweetness. They are also "no bake" so you don't have to heat up the oven during the hot summer. Most people make them with peanut butter, but if you have a nut allergy or just want to try something different, try Sun Butter (affiliate link here).
Like I said, I have a hard time not eating them all at once, so I doubled the recipe I was using. Here's my double version (you can get 3-4 dozen this way, depending on the size you make them).
2 cups dry gluten free oats
1 cup chocolate chips
1 cup sun butter
1 cup flax seed meal
2/3 cup honey-(you can cut back a bit on this but use enough to make them stick together)
Just mix it all together and put it in the fridge to set a few minutes. Then roll into bite size balls. Yum!

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

WIWW- cargo shorts

shirt- Loft (old) option
shorts - Wal-mart option
shoes- Macy's
belt-old option option
Worn June 12, 2014
I wore this outfit last week on a little vacation trip as a chaperon for our church youth group. It was a fun trip.
Sorry for the lack of posting here. I need to find a balance between work, life, crafting and my fashion blog.  The scales have tipped more to work and life requirements lately and there hasn't been any crafting. At least I have to wear clothes and cook and can still make fun out of that. (There will be a recipe post tomorrow.) I'm sure you can relate.

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Monday, June 9, 2014

10 DIY coaster projects

With all the summer entertaining opportunities, it's time to make some coasters to set under all those yummy summer drinks. Here are 10 ways to DIY your own coasters.

1. Dress up some cork coasters with paint.

2. Make mini pallet coasters with popsicle sticks.
Cooking Like Lou

3. Mod Podge some scrapbook paper to cork tiles.

via twelve o'eight

4. Make coasters with fabric.

two shades of pink

5. Paint a chevron pattern on square tiles.

Shanty 2 chic

6. Mod podge dictionary pages on tiles.

7. Make coasters from Scrabble tiles.
8. Mod podge your favorite photos to cork tiles.
9. Make coasters from mason jar lids.
10. Make coasters from felt.
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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Thrift store bottles to reed diffusers

Occassionally the house just gets to smelling yucky! There is only so much human, dog and food smell you can take before you want something fresher and cleaner smelling. This was the case for us recently and my hubby had discovered reed diffusers through a coworker. So we went to Pier One and purchased a couple. They are a bit pricey and one isn't enough for our large open floor plan. However, they do sell the refill oils and additional reeds, so I decided to search the thrift store for a unique bottle that would work to make my own with the refills and reeds.

Luck was on my side and I found these with narrow openings. I've read that the narrow opening will make your oil and scent last longer as less can escape through the smaller opening.


A slightly more artistic shot:

Obviously the before shots are before I washed them. A good cleaning and they were ready for adding a little decorative touch and some oil and reeds. I pulled out my stash of beads and jute and went to work.

Here it is at "home" on top of our bookshelf.
I only had enough jute for one, so I made the next two with some jewelry cord I had on hand.
Go find some neat thrift store bottles and make your own! 
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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

WIWW- Polka Dot Popover

shorts- TJMaxx similar
belt- thrifted similar
shoes- Payless option
bracelet- Target
Worn May 23, 2014
I brought out a pair of red shorts to start Memorial Day weekend, paired with a polka dot popover. Shorts have not gotten much attention yet, but I think it's time for them now.
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Monday, June 2, 2014

7 Summer drink recipes

Memorial Day kicked off the unofficial start of summer and the calendar date isn't too far away. The hotter temps have arrived already, so I'm looking for some yummy ways to stay cool. Here are  drink recipes perfect for summer entertaining or just chillin' (pun intended.)



Want more summer drink ideas? Check out five more smoothie recipes and my Peach Pie smoothie.

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